Geargamers Shop Certificate from Webwinkelkeur

Geargamers Shop Certificate from Webwinkelkeur

The added value of WebwinkelKeur

10/25/2021 Webwinkelkeur Certificate of Geargamers.

The WebwinkelKeur stands for reliable customer-friendly webshops. Members of Webwinkelkeur comply with the main Dutch legislation, their identity has been verified and every customer is free to post a customer review which is independently moderated by WebwinkelKeur. In case of disputes, you can use dispute mediation or a binding decision by DigiDispuut.

With WebwinkelKeur members you have the certainty that:

✓ Address details have been checked by us.
✓ Contact information such as telephone, e-mail, Chamber of Commerce and address can be easily found.
✓ You can use your 14-day cooling-off period without any problems.
✓ You have your money back within 14 days after return.
✓ Prices are clearly stated.
✓ We can mediate in disputes or make a binding decision via
✓ You can share and view real reviews about the webshop.
✓ The webshop has agreed to the WebwinkelKeur code of conduct.

Authentic Geargamers Certificate:

Control by WebwinkelKeur + reviews

WebwinkelKeur is unique because it combines a code of conduct with customer reviews. Each participant is assessed by us on a fixed checklist of points. With this we check, among other things, whether it is clear with whom you do business, what you agree on and whether the data on the web store corresponds to the Chamber of Commerce registration.

Clicking on the web shop quality mark at affiliated web stores gives you the opportunity to post your experience with the relevant web retailer or to compare experiences of other customers. This provides more certainty about customer-friendliness and service, parts that cannot be assessed with rules and are neglected by other quality marks.

Dispute Mediation
If, despite all these concerns, you still get involved in a disagreement with an affiliated online retailer, you can contact our independent disputes committee. This makes a binding decision in the case, so you avoid unnecessarily high costs.

Recognition WebshopKeur
The WebwinkelKeur is a private-law quality mark registered with the BOIP under registration number 0954254. Always check whether a webshop is actually affiliated with WebwinkelKeur. Each member has a quality mark that, after clicking on the logo, refers to the page with address details on WebwinkelKeur, check this information carefully.

You can recognize a member by the following logo, which is clickable and refers to the member page on WebwinkelKeur, but the dimensions may differ:

logo keurmerk reviewsysteem WebwinkelKeur logo webwinkelkeur 2019
2010 – 2019 2019 – Today

In addition to the authenticity of the quality mark, always check yourself for recent customer experiences and reliability. Although WebwinkelKeur periodically checks its members, 100% certainty can never be offered. If there are any problems, please contact us so we can take action or provide a solution.

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