We are changing our payment provider.

We are changing our payment provider.

The payment getaway is currently down due to website maintenance. We are working on a solution as soon as possible. You can leave us a message in the live chat If you can't wait and still want to order. Our old payment provider ( Mollie Payments ) becomes: Stripe payments  . You can read more about the bridging process here.

Why do we change our payment provider?

we are changing our payment provider because the customer relationship with mollie has been broken due to lack of service. We are sorry that it turned out this way. Fortunately, a replacement payment provider called Stipe is coming soon.

What is stripe?

Stripe is an American company that was founded in 2011. The company has an online payment service that is offered in 25+ countries. Founded in 2009 by Palo Alto from California, United States. One of Stripe Headquarters is established in San Francisco, United States.

Stripe Headquaters San Francisco 2021
Stripe Headquaters: San Francisco, United States

When can I pay again?

We assume that everything is arranged before Wednesday 9 November. Please be patient while we work on the integration. You can contact our Live chat or Geargamingnl@gmail.com if you have any questions.



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