Website Design & Navigation Maintenance

Website Design & Navigation Maintenance

We are working on new website improvements to make it easier for you to shop you favorite products. You can still enter , but you might notice some changes that appear. You can read more about those changes in this blog.


Why are we changing our website structure?

We are changing our website structure and navigation to make it easier for you to shop. We will also add special new features and filters. The main things that will change are 

  • More advantage website navigation 
  • Collection/Product Filters

What are the new features?

There will be several new features that will improve your shop experience in a positive way. You can always contact us at if you have found new ways to improve our website.


More advantage website navigation

  • Relevant & Instant Search
  • Filters on Collections
  • Search across product and content.
  • Product search suggestions with live product preview: thumbnail, price, label, rating, in-stock status.
  • Multilingual search.
  • Advanced Search Autocomplete.


More advantage website header menu

  • Multi-level dropdowns: It allows you to create multi-levels of a submenu.
  • Links list/block links
  • Fully customizable Mega Menu
  • Responsively built-in grid. Configure the width of each column separately
  • Multiple columns and rows in your submenu.
  • Drop Down submenu with multiple levels
  • Menu images
  • New products
  • New blog posts
  • Double Search box
  • Icon on a menu item.
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Multiple currencies, multiple languages


We are working to improve the new menus as good as possible. This can take some time but you are still able to enter our website. You can contact us if you have more questions. Thank you for your reading time!

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