Information about Geargamers


What is Geargamers?
Geargamers is a company founded in the Netherlands by Chevano Ogunseri. The company was started in 07/31/2021 (registration date: 07/26/2021).

Geargamers is a company that focuses on selling consumer electronics, gaming accessories, and decor. The company that you now know as Geargamers, used to be called Geargaming. The website domain name of has also been changed to on 14/07/2021. This has been done to make the website more accessible for selling goods worldwide. Customer satisfaction is very important within Geargamers.

Future of Geargamers
Geargamers strives to constantly work on new developments, partnerships and projects. The game industry is big, and we know that no one else. Geargamers' future plans are also big and revolutionary. Unfortunately, not everything can be disclosed due to protecting our projects.

How does the ordering process work?
The order process of Geargamers is very simple. When you want to order something, you can do that easily by searching for the item(s) you have chosen. When you know what you want to order and have finished searching for products, you can add them to the online shopping cart. If you click on the shopping cart (top right of the website), an overview will appear with the products you have chosen. A small pop-up will appear on this page where you can choose to shop CO2 neutral. Do you want to shop CO2 neutral? Then check the box of the pop-up. Always check to be sure whether all your products are in the shopping cart.

Click on ''Checkout'' to proceed to the checkout page. Here you fill in your details and choose your preferred payment method. You can also choose to subscribe to the newsletters, and you can enter any discount promotion code. When you have completed everything, you will receive a confirmation email. You will also receive order updates such as the track and trace code. We ensure that you receive the order. At the moment it is only a matter of waiting for your order. For questions about delivery, you can always reach us via Live Chat, e-mail, or WhatsApp.